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//edit Went DVD shopping-crazy today at Fry’s, bought the seasons 1 -5 of Smallville for Bill’s graduation present then also bought the following titles:

Shaun of the Dead

Miami Blues

The Life Aquatic (Criterion)

Rushmore (Criterion)

The King of Comedy

The Machinist

Tommy Boy/ Black Sheep combo

Flyers lost again tonight, which is rather frustrating but what can you do?

Hello everyone, I have quite a few reviews this time, so I hope you enjoy them.

Shadow of a Vampire – 6/10 < – – This was a loaner from a friend of mine and I didn’t really understand until I started the movie as to why he would loan me a vampire movie. Turns out, this is a rather clever fictional (at least I presume as much) telling of the filming of Nosferatu, the first horror movie and “adaptation” of Stroker’s Dracula. John Malkovich and Willem Dafoe are two of the finest actors of our time, and those two side by side seems to be a dream come true. The story revolves around the fact that the crew is beginning to believe the actor playing Nosferatu really is a vampire, and the events that ensue. This was a really cool watch, and I enjoyed a good deal of the representation of making a black-and-white, silent film.

Duel – 5.5/10 < – – Another loaner, this is Steven Spielberg’s first feature film, and I have to say, it was actually pretty good. The whole time I genuinely felt sorry for the victim throughout the movie. Oh and by the way, the movie is about a trucker tormenting an innocent, random man. The chase scenes are brilliantly shot considering the time period, and although the inner-thought narration of the victim was necessary, it still got a bit annoying after awhile. It’s interesting to see a good deal of Spielberg’s early influences in this film, I don’t know if anyone would want to see this movie, but nonetheless, I think you might find it enjoyable.

Lost Highway – 7/10< – – I’d like to start off by reiterating what I’ve said before about David Lynch, I simply love everything he does, so far (at least IMO) he is infallible. I know that’s a bold statement, but just take a good look at his filmography (keep in mind that I have yet to see Dune), and you’ll see what I mean. I know a good deal of hatred goes his way, but an equal amount of appreciation at the same time. This movie is no exception, very cool parallel themes throughout the entire movie, a sizeable amount dealing with dualism within the mind, but the biggest problem with Lynch-ian movies, is the fact that no matter how many times you watch it, in the end, little is resolved and there is A LOT more than appears on the surface.

The Golden Compass (Blu-Ray) – 7/10 < – – I wish I would’ve seen this in theatres but at the time of its release, I had no desire to see it. I really really enjoyed this movie, it was a great story and I sort of want to read the books now. I was hoping that this being such a bright movie that’d I’d be able to see the Blu-Ray difference, but still nothing. If you missed this movie last year, I suggest picking it up, it was quite good. P.S. Nicole Kidman is absolutely gorgeous.

Son of Rambow – 5.5/10 < – – Another preview screening I got the chance to go to, and I have to say, I was really impressed with this story. It is one of the best cinematic portrayals of brotherhood that I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t tell someone to run out and see this, it’s definitely a renter, but nonetheless worth your time. THIS is what an indie movie should feel like, at least to me.

(revisit) V for Vendetta – 7.5/10 < – – Love this movie, I forgot that I owned it so I popped it in to pass some time while I worked on a few things and got caught up with everything. I never really realized how brilliant the sound in this movie is, it’s quite the experience. Oh and this movie really works for anyone I think, so if you haven’t seen this, definitely give it a shot, you will not regret it.

Sorry for the semi-short reviews this week, I’ve been a bit tired due to a good deal of work this past week or so but still that’s no excuse. Although I miss school a bit, I am really enjoying my time away from it, just being able to read and watch movies without feeling like I should be doing something else more productive. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but just for the record, the directors I added for the month of May were Noah Baumbach and I finished off a couple others that I’ve been meaning to get around to. And next month is all SPIELBERG so I am excited for that.

Thank you so much for reading, and the Flyers really need to win Game 3.


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May 13, 2008 at 5:37 am

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