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Hello everyone, same story as before with the shortage of viewings/postings due to Summer semester, moving out, work, and other time-consuming projects of mine. Deep Discount’s 20% sale left me broke, but I filled in a bunch of gaps, once they arrive I will fill y’all in on new additions and hopefully my current setup, if I ever get motivated. As of right now, I’m in the middle of a paper and I have a midterm tomorrow that I am not prepared for, but I felt it was an appropriate time to post.

Everyone get excited for The Dark Knight, I can honestly say that the anticipation is killing me, July 18th could not come soon enough, the new trailer can be seen below:

Persepolis – 6.5/10 <- I have a hard time judging this film due to its content and the fact that is animated. It was a very cool story, and I really enjoyed the main character’s overall persona. The filmmakers did an outstanding job of accurately portraying her thoughts and emotions without any general use of an internal dialog. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, it was enjoyable to me, but I could see how it would not be desirable to some.

Wet Hot American Summer – 5.5/10 <- Another movie I watched thanks to The New Cult Canon over at The AV Club, but it took me several weeks to get around to it. It was hilarious, I am upset with myself for missing out up to this point. I was kind of curious as to if it had a big theatrical release because I honestly do not remember, I’m aware it plays fairly often on Comedy Central but nothing past that. Paul Rudd’s character was the highlight of the movie, he was absolutely ridiculous. If you are into ridiculous humor and were raised on the Camp movies of the 80’s, definitely give this film a shot.

Hancock – 5/10 <- I would give this a lower rating but I am taking into consideration that it accomplishes exactly what it sets out to do, which with the genre isn’t entirely too difficult, but still impressive with a Fourth of July weekend release. For its short run time, it does accomplish a good deal, and actually managed to surprise me once or twice. There’s a few other things I’d like to discuss but it’d be giving away way too much, give it a shot, you might be let down, but I hope that you will not.

Drillbit Taylor – 4/10<- This was way better than expected, not the funniest movie but it provided enough laughs to keep me interested for its duration. It definitely wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Charlie Bartlett – 6.5/10 <- I was pleasantly surprised with this film, I missed it the weekend it opened and usually for me that means I won’t see it till it comes out to rent, I really did not know what to expect. It was wonderfully written, and it contained some of the most interesting characters that I have seen in this genre of film in quite some time. Robert Downey Jr’s character was phenomenal, I really won’t get on the topic of his character because this could turn into a bit of a ramble. What an outstanding actor, with a strong script behind him he is just that much better. Honestly give this film a shot but with an open mind and I think you will love it.

Sleep with Me – 5.5/10 <- Very interesting movie, not much I can say about it, it resembles a good deal of films, but it is very creatively executed and, at least in my opinion, very well written. It wasn’t the most interesting story, but I did enjoy the film as a whole. Oh and Quentin Tarantino has a cameo with a pretty interesting theory on Top Gun.

I will leave you all with some pictures of the work in progress which is our apartment, there’s a good deal more I’d like to, and would like to have it finished by Christmas but I think that is just wishful thinking.


bedroom from another angle (messy as all get out)

(messy den setup)

most of my DVDs

You can see there is a lot left to do, including cleaning up wires, redoing a bit of the sound in the den (the sound is room is perfect for me as of right now), and overall organization of DVDs and getting back to the ones I have loaned out. The last picture is an allusion to my new project, that should be starting soon.

Thank you all so much for reading
I hope everyone enjoys their Fourth of July!


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July 4, 2008 at 2:09 am

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  1. im glad you liked Charlie Bartlett. I thought it looked really good but never got around to seeing it either and I just added it to my Netflix queue!


    July 7, 2008 at 2:48 am

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