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edit: quick update at the bottom

Just a quick update, did not really watch many movies this past weekend thanks to midterms and work. I haven’t seen Choke yet but plan to sometime this week, I am angry with myself for not seeing it opening night.

Eagle Eye- 2.5/10 <- – The only real highlight of this film is the fact that I saw it with Quentin and Denise, two people that I do not see enough. Shia Labeouf (sp?) is extremely annoying, I have yet to be able to notice any good qualities he may have, I continuing hoping that he is not symbolic of where our leading men are heading in modern American cinema. In this film’s defense, it falls into the category of so-bad-it’s-good, that is to say that a good deal of the happening on-screen are highly entertaining, and Billy Bob Thornton seems to be an incredibly interesting person, it’s always a treat to see more of him (I’d love to see him back in the director’s chair). Since this film’s release this previous Friday, there have been numerous articles pointing out vital plot-holes that reduce the film to just about nothing but a waste of time. This film was directed by D.J. Caruso of Disturbia fame (another abomination), this marks the second consecutive week where a once-promising director releases a terrible film. By making this statement I am assuming that Lakeview Terrace was just as bad (which it appears to be). Caruso once showed outstanding promising with his first film, The Salton Sea, an absolutely beautiful look at the meth underworld, one of the best modern-day film noirs I have seen. Lakeview Terrace was helmed by Neil Labute, whose fame derives from the brilliant In the Company of Men and The Shape of Things, but has since released “crappy” films. We’ll see what happens next with these two, hopefully a return-to-form or at least something better than these two movies.

That’s literally all I’ve watched since the last update, as I said, I’ve been busy with school but I did manage to watch some TV and a little bit of football. Big win for the Chiefs yesterday, I was rather happy about that. As far as TV goes, this year is EXTREMELY lacking, Smallville could be going down a good route but these first two episodes were very weak, but if they continue on the path they are going they might be onto something (it is a daunting task to finally introduce Superman to the world). The Office was one of the worst episodes of its career in my opinion, to be honest, for the majority of the show I was laughing but they were all very cheap laughs. It’s as if the writers all brainstormed and came up with the funniest ten aspects of the show (Jim-Dwight dynamic, Michael’s insensitivity, Michael’s obsession with Ryan, etc.) and abused the hell out of these. I was hoping for something original, and also I feel as if they need to eliminate Ryan (I thought they did), the jokes concerning him have grown tired (the revenge list was pretty entertaining in his defense) and I feel as if introducing a new character (one that greatly opposes Michael but in a more forceful way than Toby did) would be a much needed boost, but maybe I am just too picky. I should just be content with the laughs, not expect anything too great. I won’t even go into details on last night, I still have a bitter taste in my mouth over it. The Simpsons was absolutely terrible, I don’t think I laughed once, same goes for Family Guy. King of the Hill was relatively weak but still solicited more laughs than both the previous two combined. Thank God American Dad delivered last night (as it normally does), the new episode was absolutely hilarious (focus on future Stan and his “remembering” the usage of forks, I thought I was going to cry I was laughing so hard). One last thing, the depiction of puberty was hysterical, why is the 9:30 slot on Sunday night the only one delivering? Let’s hope there’s a good game tonight and Fringe provides tomorrow night. I am frustrated with television, something that I should not even be giving my time these days.

Thank you for reading.

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Written by thomasbalkcom

September 29, 2008 at 3:00 pm

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  1. I think you are too picky. Deft analysis as always, and I did see American Dad which was hilarious. (This happens every month?! Theyre only going to get this big?!)
    I Dont watch The Simpsons anymore and I still dont know why you do, maybe you are hoping that somehow amazing episodes will start to be produced. Kill the switch Thomas its time.

    I think you are too picky about the office. Remember, this was an episode that encapsulated 8 weeks of summer. I thought the weight loss thread running throughout was hilarious.
    -Dwight was such an ass I actually got mad at him, but he was at his best. (Take these home to your family!)
    -Andy is a gem of the show, I wont go into naming the Acapella buddies again but that is just genius
    -Creed, Kelly and the Mexican tapeworm
    -Jim reprises his pranks on Dwight (and you somehow cite this as a negative)
    – Michael being insensitive. Do you watch the office? Is this not the backbone of his character and in essence a large part of the show. Michael has always been shockingly insensitive, like in the very first episode ever when he fake-fires Pam in front of Ryan.

    They are just fleshing things out, but once the 30 minute episodes return you will be happy Professor Balkcom.

    With love – HbOMB


    September 29, 2008 at 7:52 pm

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