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I am so excited it’s not even funny.

Hello all, quick update before bed, I have a few reviews written but I’d like to work on my Quantum of Solace review a bit more before I post it. Sad loss for the Falcons on Sunday, but what can we do? It was a close game and our running game looked great. Exciting news, I get to go to the game next week! I am extremely excited and I hope it’s a great game.

I have to pick up the pace this week and catch up on a few things I’ve been working on, I still haven’t made that damn to-do list. I have a few pictures to post from this weekend, I’ll put them at the end of this post.

The Simpsons was horrible this week, Family Guy actually had a bit of promise in it, and American Dad was simply phenomenal. Not much else is new, I will update in the next couple days with reviews and random other things.

Thanks for reading.

Here are the boys and Mike Zoephel, a friend of ours who is in town until tomorrow.

and then Mike and Michael in the world’s creepiest picture


Written by thomasbalkcom

November 18, 2008 at 6:33 am

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