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Hello all,

Today was actually a pretty productive day, I got a good deal done and I do not have to work this evening so I am planning on relaxing heading into this long stretch (tomorrow double, Thanksgiving double, early Friday morning, all day Saturday, early Sunday morning, Monday night, and Tuesday night). I bought a few movies today and also rented a few more, the few that I bought are Semi-Pro, Michael Clayton (finally), and Hancock, I’ll put some pictures at the end.

Just wanted to say that the Falcons game was a blast, what a great game to go to. That win was huge for us, and it made my weekend despite the rest of the weekend being terrible in regards to sports (Texas Tech getting murdered, the Chiefs scoring thirty-one points but losing, and Notre Dame losing to an eight loss team).

I am sitting on a few reviews that I’ll probably put up tomorrow evening when I get through a few more movies. Outside of that not much else to say, I have a little work to do around the house but I plan on just enjoying this evening, and Michael is here so that should not be too hard.

Thank you for reading.

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November 25, 2008 at 9:33 pm

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