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Hello all

I have had the strangest sleeping troubles the past few days (realistically the past few weeks) hence why I am wide awake at damn near four o’clock in the morning. I have been sleeping on and off at all times of the day for the past few weeks and I think this week it has really taken its toll. This semester is going to be a very trying one, a good deal of reading (majority of which I am not very excited about) and for the first time in a few semesters a good deal of busy work. Here’s my schedule:

Tuesdays and Thursdays – Spanish, Existentialism, Ethics, and some random History course

Wednesdays – Perspectives (something to do with health and modern culture, actually seems quite interesting)

Finished Boy A last night and if you have not seen it, see it as soon as you get a chance, it was absolutely fantastic. One of the first times a recent film (2007 if I am not mistaken) left me in such a state that I literally just sat there for about an hour after the film’s conclusion thinking about everything that just happened on-screen. Not to mention it was a particularly beautiful movie (cinematography-wise) and the entire cast did a great job, I added the book to my Amazon Wishlist.

There isn’t much else to say, other than I sincerely hope I get back in to the swing of the things in regards to my sleeping problem, the past couple days it has driven me insane. Thank you for reading, and expect an update very soon with reviews.

Currently Listening to: Piebald (could never get enough of this band)

Currently Reading: finishing up Dead Until Dark (chopped away a good bit today before my awkward three hour midday nap)


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January 8, 2009 at 8:53 am

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