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Check out the premiere Crank 2 Trailer

Hello all

Posting really quick before I start homework and other shenanigans, going through my reader I came across this…

Here’s the website.

I will say right now that if that is released in the next year and a half here in the U.S. I will try my hardest to buy it, if you read the explanation you’ll understand why.

Nothing else too exciting going on, I officially have the number ten and number twelve movie (off the list I’m working on) in the apartment so I hope to watch them this weekend as to keep pushing along.

Tons of busy work with school but I cannot complain because it honestly does not take that long. Expect an update tomorrow morning or afternoon MAYBE with some reviews. I am tracking how many movies I watch this year, and I am only at seventeen movies on the year, scary due to the fact that I have goal of at least three hundred (25-30 movies a month). And with the amount of work I have I do not know if I can get through eight more this month, we’ll have to see.

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January 15, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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