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Hello all

Sorry for the lack of updates it has been a rather hectic week with various things going on. Not much new is going on, almost finished with LOST (holding off until Bill’s return from Milwaukee) and I started Life on Mars last night and was hooked after the first episode. I had to stop myself from starting the second episode at a little past two o’clock in the morning. I have a couple of stress-filled weeks up ahead schoolwise, things won’t calm down until Spring Break begins. 

I started writing a post Monday morning and decided to hold off for a couple days before posting it stating that this year music releases are similar to last year’s film releases, that is to say that so far we are headed into an amazing 2009 musicwise (where 2008 was overall very lacking) and a slow start to this year in film (as it always is). Long story short I am glad I held off because a good deal of films have been announced this week. Most impressive is the trailer for Inglorious Basterds

A film that a good deal of us have been waiting for a good while. I also read on Tuesday that (beware these are all potential releases) we will have new Von Trier, Almodovar, Jarmusch, F.F. Coppola, and many more. 

List can be found here. 

That’s all really exciting news, and as far as music goes we have new Manchester Orchestra, Thursday, mewithoutYou, Cursive, Brand New, potentially Thrice, As Cities Burns among many more that have been announced. 

The lack of reviews is a result of my lack of film-watching, which I intend on picking back up over the next couple weeks. Thank you for reading.

Currently Listening: Radiohead – Pablo Honey (I am slowly introducing myself to Radiohead, one album a week for the next few weeks)

Currently Reading: taking a break from Zen & Art of Motorcycle Maintenance in order to focus on school, and for school I am reading the so-far brilliant Notes from Underground by Dostoevsky


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February 12, 2009 at 6:48 pm

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