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Hello all 

It’s two thiry in the morning and I still cannot sleep so I thought I’d post, I was sick today so I did not work but after some good rest I felt perfectly fine. Watched a few great movies, relaxed, and got some work done and here I am, wide awake when I have to be up in three hours.

I am going to be eating crow on Sunday night (though I’ll be happy about it) because I think a few of my big picks are way off (most notably Best Picture and Best Director, I think Slumdog and Boyle are going to win now) but I have decided to stick with my original picks for obvious reasons. I am not sure if I’ll be live blogging the Oscars or not, though I am seriously considering it just for the sake of fun. 

Not much else is new, I work in the morning till around three tomorrow and plan on getting some serious work done and finishing out those films on that list. Hopefully I’ll start getting tired soon…

Good night all and thank you for reading.


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February 21, 2009 at 7:36 am

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