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Hello all

Working on a rough draft for my thoughts on Watchmen, will edit this post in the near future with my response. Check back soon!

I would like to start this off by stating that this will be in no way similar to my review of The Dark Knight, due to the fact that this film had far less impact. I must forewarn those who have not either read the book or seen the film to not continue reading this but please do return after viewing/reading the topic of discussion. Moving on, after much debate, I think I will conduct this in the same format that I did with The Dark Knight, with the characters.

First, Rorschach, played by Jackie Earle Haley, was THE highlight of the film (and to my understanding he has been for most fanboys). My only complaint is that of his “hurm,” something about it just did not work for me, I always imagined it being more powerful than that, but maybe that’s just me. The actors playing the second Nite Owl and The Comedian couldn’t have been better in my eyes, they both did great jobs. I have been reading a good deal of criticism in the realm of the actress that played the second Silk Spectre, while at the time of watching the film I thought her acting was a bit flat and sometimes her dialogue just did not work, I didn’t take it seriously until I read that this morning, and now with those things in mind her acting really does affect the film negatively.

One of the most glaring problems with the film as a film was the music that was used, all timeless classics but none seemed to fit (outside of the opening credits). A good deal of the scene could have been more effective or less noticeably “bad” if they were to incorporate more applicable music.

I could go on and on with stylistic complaints and grumble forever about what was left out/ what was changed, but I have decided to not take that route, I have always taken a rather firm stance with adaptations. Viewers should consider the source material and the adaptation as two different objects. I would like to point one major problem I had that is going to seem relatively small to the rest of the events of the film, there was something about the change in the reason that Jon returns to the chamber that bothered me. In the film, it was his watch he had forgotten and in the novel it was Janey Slater’s watch (and for those who have read the novel this fact becomes sort of important in the realm of the creation of Dr. Manhattan). In my opinion, the death of Hollis Mason is such a major turning-point in the book, and for this reason I found the omission unforgiveable. The slow-motion got extremely old and we all could have seen this overuse from the start of the film, but it was directed by “visionary” Zack Snyder, what else can we really expect?

I wrote a very rough draft of this when I get home from work this afternoon, and spent awhile working on other things than reverted back to this, I certainly hope you enjoyed it, the rest of those reviews will be released in the near future. Thank you as always for reading.

Watchmen 5/10 <- – Sorry about forgetting to put an actual score on this.

Here is an incredibly well-written comparison/ review, please read it if you were interested in the differences between the book and the film.


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March 6, 2009 at 10:56 pm

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