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Hello all

I’d like to take a moment to pay some much deserved respect to Tullio Pinelli, who passed away this last weekend at the age of one hundred (not too shy of a hundred and one). He was the screenwriter that worked with Fellini on such masterpieces as 8 1/2, Nights of Cabiria, and many others. All of us in the film community owe a great deal to him.

Moving forward to something more lighthearted, I have recently noticed that I text similar to how Rorschach speaks in the Watchmen graphic novel. It’s difficult to explain if you haven’t read the book, but he sort of takes out pronouns and various other small words that without them, the sentence still makes sense (although not grammatically correct), here’s a decent example…

“No need. Fine like this.” Just thought that was an interesting sidenote. 

Will be updating again soon, thank you for reading. 

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Currently Reading: Existentialism as a Humanism — Sartre (for class)


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March 12, 2009 at 5:05 pm

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