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Hello all, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

This idea was stolen from a friend of mine’s blog, but over the past two days I’ve stumbled across a few quotes that I’d like to share with you all.

The first is taken from Film Comment magazine (Sept./ Oct. 2008 Edition) in an interview with Julianne Moore discussing her dealing with such “negative” directors. Q: “Did pessimism move down the generational ladder to Paul Thomas Anderson?A: “He’s not pessimistic either! I don’t see anything pessimistic about the exploration of human behavior, of what we can do to one another. You have to care! It’s your life. I don’t find any of it pessimistic at all.”

I absolutely love that response, I have never once considered P.T. Anderson’s films to be negative or pessimistic, I have always thought they were great insight into humanity and the way in which our actions and inclinations affect our everyday life. That response opened my eyes to the ideas that a) people out there consider his films negative and that b)people can see the same exact thing but receive it in a more positive light. It is absolutely fascinating if you ask me.

The second is taken from the book I am slowly reading Zen & Art in Motorcycle Maintenance at a point in the book where two professors are discussing students of theirs. “The best students always are flunking. Every good teacher knows that.”

It makes more sense if you read the whole passage but that particular part of it struck at me due to the fact that I just yesterday had a discussion with a friend about the actual importance of education outside of the benefits of a degree. It just solidifies the idea that people should be able to succeed without a college education, more discussion is required in this area.

The last is taken from a review of Cursive’s new album Mama, I’m Swollen. “…Kasher’s unyielding doubtfulness about the fate of his soul and the musician’s life of perpetual adolescence.”

I just honestly thought that was a beautiful statement that accurately describes Kasher’s lyrics and voice. It probably does not make much sense for those of you that do not listen to Cursive.

That’s it for now, reviews coming later tonight or early tomorrow as to adhere to the new schedule. Thank you for reading, hope everyone is having a good day.


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March 17, 2009 at 5:59 pm

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