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Hello all

Updating real quick while I should be paying attention in class, just a couple of quick notes. The first being my thoughts on the 6-Chapter First (possible last?) Season of Eastbound and Down. It may be one of the most watchable TV shows to come out in recent history, and I mean more in the sense of each viewing seems fresh (and I’ve watched the pilot around six times) and even though the comedy can be seen as cheap or crude, there is still some subtle brilliance to this show. The differing directors was a great idea, Adam Mckay’s was the standout as far as directing goes, but I think that David Gordon Green’s were funnier. Jody Hill’s was an excellent wrap-up of a very brief season. When I started hearing about the cameos that would be in the show, I was honestly nervous on how they’d handle it. Each one was executed to the fullest of their potential, ESPECIALLY Adam Scott’s. As much as I’d like to see this show go on (for the pure sake of its comedy goodness), I would be completely content with it ending on these terms (for artistic purposes). And for most of you all that watch the show, would probably laugh at my using “artistic” to describe this show, but they are my feelings nonetheless. 

The second thought I’d like to put out there, is that of the fact that I JUST registered for my final semester (which will be this Fall Session) and although it was extremely difficult, a great feeling of relief went over me afterwards. So far I am taking the following (possible changes to come)…

Film Theory and Criticism
Intro to Sociology
Intro to Mass Communication
Religion, Morality, and Film

It’s important to note that two of these are freshman classes due to the fact that I will have fulfilled all of my requirements by the end of summer, just filling in hours to get to the 120 requirement.

That’s it for now, expect more later. Thank you for reading.


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March 26, 2009 at 5:44 pm

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