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Hello all

Lying around watching movies so I thought I’d update. Just started Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker’s Apocalypse and I am loving it so far. Very, very successful work weekend, and I have had a very relaxed weekend overall. I watched a few episodes of LOST last night and I am now only two behind, and it made me wonder due to the fact that I’ve watched 92 of the 94 episodes thus far. Wondering made me realize that I have watched far too much television in my lifetime. I have seen the following shows in their entirety…

The Simpsons (435)
Futurama (88)
South Park (185)
Family Guy (121)
American Dad (80)
The Office (U.S.) (93)
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (45)
Arrested Development (53)

If you were to compare that with how many books I have read over the last two years and/or combine those with how many films I’ve watched since the summer after I graduated in 2006 (that number is greater than a 1000) you would get a rather disgusting number. I guess the most important thing to note (other than the fact that those numbers are ridiculous) is that I have seen every episode of The Simpsons and have faithfully watched it every Sunday since I can remember. If I ever miss one, I am sure to watch it later that evening or early Monday, my life would seem weird without it despite its decling quality over the last few years.

I have a very non-stressful week ahead of me, working a few days and nothing too serious schoolwise going on, hopefully I will take advantage of it. A quick note prior to my review of Adventureland, it was excellent, I think it should not be advertised as a comedy (not to say that it isn’t funny) because it really at its core is not a comedy but overall a really good film. I am really excited for Observe and Report this weekend, anxious to see what Jody Hill can do after The Foot Fist Way

That’s it for now, expect an update tomorrow with at least an updated “inbox.” Thank you for reading.


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April 5, 2009 at 9:22 pm

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