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Hello all

Sorry about the lack of an update today (or more accurately, yesterday), for some reason I thought I had the luxury of sleeping in where it was the really the case that I did not. Nevertheless, Wiggles and I did sleep in today, woke up and did not much of anything prior to going to work. An expected (day after a holiday) slow night at Mimi’s but far from a bad one. Ever since I got home I’ve been working on various things that I did not concern myself with too much over the last few days (an obvious mistake), but thankfully I am finished and pretty satisfied with my work.

Picked up Dracula (Coppola’s) today at Target for five dollars, a blind buy but I liked the casing and I have no purchases this week so I was able to pick it up with no remorse, which brings me to my next point concerning my DVD purchases. I have had a firm policy since I started collecting that I only buy movies that either A) I could watch again and again, B) hold a particular sentimental value to me, and/or C) are part of a director’s work and within reason of quality (a good example of this was my purchase of Dracula, I own a good deal of Coppola’s film so that only further justified my purchase, but still could never see myself buying Jack another film of his).

I could not be more excited about seeing Crank: High Voltage this weekend and Manchester Orchestra the following Wednesday. I have a good deal of schoolwork over the course of the next couple weeks, but I will be finished with this semester as of the last day of this month so I am not too worried about it. Braves are off to a great start at 5 -1 (although that one loss is quite embarrassing), I absolutely love watching baseball so this is a great time of year. I will not continue to ramble so I will end here and try and get some sleep tonight. I am leaving y’all with a picture of my current “inbox,” enjoy…

Slumdog Millionaire
Deja Vu
The Man Who Wasn’t There
Rain Man

Thank you as always for reading; I will update late afternoon or early Tuesday evening.


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April 14, 2009 at 6:40 am

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