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Hello all

Forgive me for the lack of updates as of late, the last few days have been a complete blur and there is no sound reason as to why that is the case. I am still enjoying my break, but after some car trouble this morning, I have discovered it may be my last week of really being off. I am not too worried about it though, hopefully the increased workload will help equally increase my focus heading into summer semester. It’s a quarter past midnight, and I have to be up fairly early, yet I am up working on these little projects acting as if I do not have to be up at five thirty tomorrow, it’s weird when I get like this. Weird either because 1) it happens very rarely or 2) I love to sleep (who doesn’t?). In regards to the summer semester, I can honestly say that as it gets nearer and nearer I grow more and more excited. I think the classes I am taking will be enjoyable and challenging, and not to mention the fact that once I finish the summer session, I will only have one more semester to go.

This blog will possess the reviews that I should have posted Wednesday, my apologies for being late. I would like to note that the formatting of this blog may change again. Change in the essence of the last couple blogs, where I pick a few topics I have been thinking about and write my thoughts/opinions about them. The best example would be this post. I just have to remember to jot down things as I think of them. I FINALLY switched over to HD Cable, in both the den and my bedroom, thanks to my mom, who chauffeured me around today as I was without a functioning car. Now to the reviews…

125. Star Trek (J. J. Abrams, 2009) – 6.5/10 <- – This film probably deserves a bit higher rating (at least a seven, possibly a seven and a half), but I will determine that once I see it again. It was very enjoyable, it flew by, and I think the film’s greatest strength lies in what I will call its “accessibility.” I think that anyone, devote trekkie (or trekker) or sci-fi virgin, could very easily enjoy the film. It was funny, action-packed, and just “well-made.” Abrams and Bad Robot have yet to fail us, and I do not want to see the day when they let us down (assuming it happens; perfection through six or seven films is not that rare in this era, see P.T. Anderson or the Coen’s first six).

126. (revisit) Mission Impossible III (J. J. Abrams, 2006) – 6.5/10 <- – Reviewed before. I got behind and had to watch this after Star Trek but at least I am still keeping with my mission.

127. Crash (David Cronenberg, 1996) – 4.5/10 <- – I have been trying to see this for a very long time, and despite its low score, I did actually enjoy it. I read the book while in high school and thought this was a fair adaptation, but I am not concerned with that notion (note to self: set out my feelings towards adaptations in the near future). Spader was fantastic, the film was shot brilliantly, and as usual, NO ONE handles gore and violence the way Cronenberg does, and this film does nothing but further solidify that idea. Overall it’s a pretty decent film but I would not recommend it to anyone.

128. (revisit) Deja Vu (Tony Scott, 2006) – 6/10 <- – I actually had not seen this since I saw it in theaters (only one in the theater too, I love when that happens), and I really do enjoy this film. I understand there is a good deal of hatred for this film, but I just think it’s a solid action flick with a fairly decent story. Again, another film I would not necessarily recommend but that does not mean that I do not enjoy it.

129. (revisit) The Big Lebowski (Joel Coen, 1998) – 8/10 <- – Reviewed before. I watched it so that I could read last week’s The New Cult Canon with a fresh memory of the film. There is so much that can always be said about this film, and the one thing I would like to point out this time is the various catalysts that occur throughout the film. This is how a story is typically told but there is something that always makes these catalysts more important or more noticeable in The Big Lebowski. The biggest of which (both in importance and actual physical size) is Goodman’s character, Walter. Without his original pushing The Dude into attempting to be repaid for the damages that happened because a case of mistaken identity, he would have never gotten mixed up in anything. This film is definitely in contention for most quotable movie of this last twenty years, my favorite being this following gem… The Dude: “Smokey’s got like emotional problems man.” Walter: “You mean, beyond pacifism?”

130. Anvil! The Story of Anvil (Sacha Gervasi, 2009)- 8/10 <- – This documentary was absolutely fantastic, it was deeply enthralling and it allowed you to actually sympathize with the two main characters. It took me a bit to finally see this, but I was really glad that I did.

131. (revisit) Talladega Nights (Adam McKay, 2006) – 4/10 <- – Reviewed before.

That’s it for now, time to finish up a couple of things and finally call it a night. I hope everyone has a great weekend, thank you for reading.


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May 16, 2009 at 4:58 am

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