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Quick update to my update

The AV Club consistently provides such amazing features and articles that I hope do not go unnoticed. Check out this gem from this evening, a sort of response to a feature they released this morning, No, Tobor, no! 16 plus ridiculous killer robots. It features such memorable robots as H.E.L.P.E.R. from The Venture Brothers, Robotic Richard Simmons from The Simpsons, and the winner (which of course they put at number one), brilliantly hilarious Roberto from Futurama.

Also, I completely neglected to mention that mewithoutYou’s newest CD comes out tomorrow (!), the last time they released a CD was my brother Jamie’s fourteenth birthday and I was a completely different person. I have seen them live about ten or eleven times (add one more to that on June 8th), and consider them to be one of all-time favorite bands (that’s including newer and older music, which is more important than you’d think).


Hello all

I meant to write an update earlier but time got away from me and before I knew it I had to be at work. Typical Monday for me, I still do not have a car so that has been a bit interesting but I think that will be resolved in the next couple days. I have actually been watching a decent amount of movies over the last few days, I have finally hit fifteen (the halfway point) and should be able to reach thirty with a bit of ease this month. We will be seeing Terminator Salvation on Wednesday night at midnight, it is so strange to think that that movie is being released in two days, I remember all those months ago when they posted the first trailers and pictures for it. Speaking of new trailers, Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes’ (another one from my infamous top five most anticipated films of this year list) trailer was released today, check it out..

The news from Cannes has been pouring through the internet the last few days (which I eat up), Up and Taking Woodstock seemed to be fairly well-received where Tetro and Anti-Christ have not been getting very good reviews. If you have any more interest in Anti-Christ I suggest you read this article. That fact matters very little to me, a point that I think I have made in this blog before. That’s about it on the news side of things today, a clip from A Christmas Carol was debuted today as well but I do not think it’s worth posting.

There will be no DVD pickups this week, seeing as how a) I am broke and b) there really is not anything worth buying tomorrow as it is. I will try to get through a couple more movies either tonight or tomorrow and post some reviews. Thank you for reading, hope everyone had a good start to the week.


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May 19, 2009 at 3:57 am

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