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Hello all

I have not been updating very much as of late and I hope that tendency changes here in the next couple days. I actually had a few DVD pickups this week, one of those four movies for twenty dollars deals at Blockbuster. I got Speed Racer, Strange Wilderness, 3:10 to Yuma, and Funny Games, it was good to finally have some purchases.

I thought the above would provide some decent entertainment for y’all, I have been misusing the word “plethora” for about the last five years. I have to run down to school early in the morning (yet I am still awake at 1:22 AM?) in order to turn in some paperwork, but other than that, I have no other obligations tomorrow. I intentionally took tomorrow off so that I would be able to watch and enjoy the Champions League final. Hopefully I will watch some movies and the Lakers game later tomorrow night. I feel so lucky that the NBA and NHL playoffs fall right in between my yearly break from school so that I am able to enjoy the games to the best of my ability without the worries of school in the back of my head. That is to say that if either of the playoffs were to fall in the heart of a semester, I would continually consider it to be a misallocation of time.

I am two episodes (a bit through the third, paused so that I could write this) into John Adams, and it is fantastic thus far. I could see how one could find it to be boring but for those who enjoy history, solid acting, and well-made television, this is certainly for you. I plan on moving to Six Feet Under next, a show that I have only seen the first season of, and am very excited to finally start back up. Reviews are coming (two weeks’ worth and there is absolutely no excuse for it outside of my laziness) probably tomorrow or possibly Thursday. Thank you for reading.


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May 27, 2009 at 5:37 am

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