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Hello all

Writing you in the GSU library after my Macroeconomics exam, I have a ton of work to start so this probably will not be too long. It is amazing to think that this time in two weeks I will have just finished up my first of three final exams and will be a couple days away from finishing this semester. Time truly has flown by this summer.

Watched the Homerun Derby last night and I started thinking about it, I would not regard it as a big deal but I do not remember missing one in quite some time. I will miss a good deal of the All-Star game itself tonight as I am picking John and Danny up from the airport later on.  I probably won’t see the new Harry Potter until tomorrow after school (assuming I finish a massive paper tonight) and to be honest, I was not all that excited about it until about two days ago.

My entire life is on the verge of change, which is interesting because I recently told a couple of people that I could feel a major alteration coming in the near future. It will be an interesting experience, it’s opened up a few projects and closed down some others, so is life I suppose. I will keep you all updated the best that I can. It’s time to catch up on some reviews, here’s a few more…

156. (revisit) Old School (Todd Phillips, 2003)  – 6/10 <- – Surprisingly enough, I have never reviewed this. I did not see this film until about two years after it came out and have loved it ever since. Watched it (weeks ago) in preparation for The Hangover.

157. The Hangover (Todd Phillips, 2009) – 6.5/10 <- – This film was heralded (by friends who saw before me) as the funniest movie of the year and one of the funniest of recent history. Although it was hilarious, and I did love it, I am forced to disagree. I would be willing to say that it is a frontrunner for funniest of the year, it’s only real competition being I Love You, Man. My opinion may be skewed because I came into it with such high expectations. I did see it twice, and that does mean something.

158. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (Joseph Sargent, 1974) – 6.5/10 <- – I watched this because I thought that I was going to see the new one the next day (obviously never ended up happening) but I really did enjoy it. Nothing too particularly amazing about it, but it’s a decent heist film.

159. (revisit) Strange Wilderness (Fred Wolf, 2008) – 4/10 <- – Reviewed before.

160. (revisit) Fearless (Ronny Yu, 2006) – 5/10 <- – My brothers wanted to watch this so I joined them and it was just as unmemorable as it was the first time I saw it.

161. (revisit) Raising Arizona (Joel Coen, 1987) – 8/10 <- – How have I not reviewed this before? This is a classic in my eyes, especially in our family as to the fact that we grew up watching it. The performances and storyline are hilarious throughout; the film possesses truly great writing and possibly Nicolas Cage’s best performance to date.

Hopefully I will start catching up on reviews in the next few weeks. Thank you for reading, I will update tomorrow.


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July 14, 2009 at 5:20 pm

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