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Hello all.

I am home from school with a few minutes to spare before I head to work, so here is an update. The past couple days have been far from exciting, I have been sleeping more than usual, actually watching films, and reading. It’s all very shocking considering my recent behavior. Things are looking up in terms of productivity; I think a good deal of it has to do with the fact that I am growing more and more aware of the fact that I am less than eight weeks away from graduating.

I desperately need a haircut, it’s longer than it has been since high school and it is really starting to bother me. I will most likely get one tomorrow as to the fact that Wednesdays are always brief days for me. I have always used a system that I get a haircut every four months (usually works out to where it’s the same week that I change my oil) and I am getting to the point that I am a month overdue.

There are two two-month periods every year in which I purchase the most DVDs. These months are March and April and mid-October to mid-December. Considering that we are on the cusp of one of these periods, I thought I would post some definite purchases coming up.

October 20th – Transformers (FYE Steelbook)

November 10th – Up (BD Steelbook — already preordered), possibly Monster’s Inc (if I can find it at a decent price

November 17th (big day) – Moon (BD for sure, favorite film of the year so far) & Star Trek (deciding between the Steelbook and the excellent BD packaging) & The Limits of Control (blind-buying as to the fact that I own all of Jarmusch’s films)

November 24th – The Vengeance Trilogy (seeing as how I don’t own a single one of the films)

December 1 – Terminator: Salvation (BD)

That’s it for now, off to work. Thank you for reading.


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October 13, 2009 at 8:22 pm

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