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Hello all.

Monday is here again and in 2010, Monday will be taking over Sunday’s spot of the weekly roundup. I plan on writing for both this blog and Cherished Cinema strictly throughout the week, that is Monday through Friday. If I get inspired or want/need to catch up on something I will of course stray away from this. My hope is to be considerably more consistent with posting this year opposed to last year. I do not have school getting in the way so this goal is anything but unmanageable.

Here’s for the week, it’s a bit skewed on Right Away, Great Captain! because I did not make an iTunes playlist and whenever the fantastic, and I mean fantastic, Real Estate self-titled album was finished it would roll into RA,GC! and I would either be too lazy to get up and change it or satisfied with what I was hearing. Anyway, check it out…

This week’s playlist includes: Vampire Weekend’s self-titled (getting pumped and ready for Contra), The Flaming Lips – The Dark Side of the Moon (which is wonderful if you get the chance to hear it), and The Good Life – Album of the Year. I pick these playlists based on first recommendations (that most of the time either come from my cousin John or various reviews I read on websites), second on albums that pop up in my mind that I have either not been paying enough attention to or let slip through my fingers when they were released (AKA catching up), and finally on albums of bands that have upcoming releases (see: Vampire Weekend this week and next week’s playlist will feature Spoon).

On to a Resolution, as promised I will slowly be setting them out in here over the course of the week and maybe longer if need be. Again, my Resolutions are very small and doable but important nonetheless. My first resolution of 2010 will be to watch every DVD I buy this year. In the past, I have had a severe problem with buying mass amounts of DVDs (90% of the time being movies I have already seen so I do not see a foreseeable need to revisit them) and not watching them for some time. Hell, there are DVDs over on the shelf that I bought in 2006 that still have the wrapper on them. This year, I plan on keeping all the movies I buy from January 1st separate from my collection until I watch them. I have never tried this before and I think it will a) help me cut back on my spending-not that I have not done that drastically already- and b) MAKE SURE I watch movies that I buy. My overall goal is to eliminate purchasing movies that I do not intend to visit more than a handful of times, thus gaining value from them. Think of it this way: one viewing of a DVD that cost $20 is much less valuable opposed to five or six (not counting loaning the damn thing out) viewings of the same $20 dollar DVD.

That’s it for now, enough blabbing. Everyone have a great start to the week. Thank you for reading!


Written by thomasbalkcom

January 4, 2010 at 7:27 am

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